De-Armouring, De-Blocking, De-Conditioning

For a happy and fullfiling existence,  we need to find balance  in all aspects of our life and for that we need to understand why different things happen to us  or why we make certain choices. To be able to fully enjoy life,  an important step, maybe first, is to heal the past.  A lot of people ask me why? The past is gone.... we can not change anything! And my answer is Yes, you are right... we can not change the past, but we can release the memory that the past has left inside of us and that is not always a happy one.

Releasing the memories from the past, which are trapped in our body under the form of armours , blockages or fears, can help us to better understand the present and also to look forward to the future.

During this workshop you :
Can understand and heal deep emotional trauma
Can understand if  a blockage or conditioning is your own or is an enheritage from your family clan.
Can unblock  the energy flow in your body
     Will recive a set of very important practical tools that you can aply on yourself, on your friends, family or even costumers.

This workshop has his origin in a couple of different  techniques wich I have learned and practiced during my years of therapy work. I have learned that if I put them together they reach a deeper level. By combining: Tantric De-armouring, Full body Energetic Orgasm, Masage techniques, Reflex therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Recall healing , Reiki, toghether with emotional release techniques a more complet healing program emerged. After a long search I call it Kundalini for Mind, body and Soul. Why? Because Kundalini energy or life force, is the base, the source of our life and also our main tool....and it is beneficial for the mind, the body and the soul.

How it works?

By understanding the mechanisms that store bad emotions in our body.
By recognising you armours, fears and conditionings and why we behave in a certain way.
By discovering the cicles of  life.
By understanding the connection beetwen emotional and phisical body and how this connection
can be enproved.
By fully connecting yourself to your own physical pain, emotional traumas and body energy
through personal experimentation of  emotional release

This workshop is for you if:
•             You are looking to change your life
•             You want to discover how and why are all those things happening to you
•             You want to dissolve blockages and fears so you could fully enjoy  your life.

This workshop can be useful too:
Therapists, doctors,  therapists, coaching specialists, healers
Practically all those who want to bring their own life on a different level.
This workshop can only be followed if you have participated Body Orgasm Part I

The Facilitator:
Flaviu Pop from Cluj-Napoca Romania; Trainer , Coach for personal development, relationship and sexual Coach, energy Therapist, massage Specialist in different types of massage. Founder of Albini Center, a place for alternative and complementary therapy.