Seven Breaths to a New Life: Activating Your Light Bodies​
Part 1 of the Reclaiming Tantra Series

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In this workshop, you will:
*Learn Principles and Practices of the Jyoti Lineage of Babaji's Tantric Kriya Yoga
*Claim Your Authentic Personal Empowerment 
​*Attain True Yogic States of Consciousness
*Learn How You Are Sovereign Over Your Healing and Spiritual Growth 
*Heal and Grow on Direct Energetic Levels - From the Inside Out
*Address the Source of Your Challenges Rather Than the Symptoms
*Open and Activate Your Energy Circuits (Nadis)
*Learn Powerful Emotional Healing Practices
*Understand the Function of Your Chakras
*Clear, Activate, Open and Balance Your Chakras
*Discover, Embody and Manifest Your True Essence
*Clear the Energetic Blocks that Impede Your Progress
*Remove Negative Influences from Your Life
*Balance Your Feminine and Masculine Energies
*Understand the Connection Between Your Sexuality and Spirituality
​*Learn to Use Sexual Energy to Fuel Emotional Healing and  Spiritual Growth
*Develop Your Capacity to Safely Circulate Increasing Amounts of Energy 
*Safely Increase the Dynamic Flow of Kundalini Energy
*Achieve Spiritual Growth Through Genuine Spiritual Experience
*​Prepare for Kriya Initiation

(Kriya Initiation is an energetic transmission that connects aspirants directly to Mahavatar Babaji, affording the initiate the guidance and protection of the Kriya Lineage.  Initiation does not require worship, oaths of allegiance or sacrifice.)
Kriya Jyoti Tantric Yoga
Kriya means "internal action."  Jyoti means "Light of Knowledge."  Tantra means "liberation through expansion."  Yoga means "union" with the divine without and within.  Kriya Jyoti Tantra is an spiritual ancient science that directly affects your body and brain chemistry through cultivating and circulating the Divine Feminine and Masculine, the creative sexual life force and your kundalini energy.  By using the techniques of Kriya Yoga, you literally evolve your nervous and endocrine systems, activating dormant abilities and perception mechanisms.  As Kriya Jyoti Tantric Yoga changes your perception, your world changes and you change.  In other words, by moving energy internally, we kindle the Light of Knowledge, liberating you from societal programming and limiting decisions by expanding your awareness of and attaining union with your Self and Life.  

Practicing Kriya Jyoti Tantric Yoga accelerates evolution on physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  You don't have to believe in the practices of Kriya Yoga any more than you have to believe in the weights at the gym.  If you lift the weights, you will get stronger.  If you do the Kriya practices, you will evolve.  Wounds rise up to be healed.  You can clear the sources of your blocks, boundaries and inhibitions.  Doing so, you open space for energy to flow freely and unfiltered through your being, allowing the true You to manifest in levels of bliss and fulfillment.  Spontaneous spiritual experiences will occur and integrate into your being.

It is a privilege to share these principles and practices with dedicated aspirants.  I am humbled to be asked to do so by my teachers.  It would be an honor to share them with you.  

Much Love to you,
Master Teacher Jeffrey Boehme

Note: Kriya Yoga is an ancient practice that moves energy internally, creating changes in your brain and body. It doesn't require difficult postures and can be practiced by people of virtually any age and health condition and can be done sitting in a chair.  No prior yoga experience is required for this workshop. 
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Enlightenment Happens Inside Your Body:
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Workshop Practical info

Daily Schedule 
9:30h Arrive - 10h Opening Circle - 18h Closing Circle  (​1 hour lunch break each day)
Standard Tuition - 275€
Early Bird through 01 March - 225€
Multiple work​shop discount - 25€ 
(if purchased together with MultiDimensional Lovemaking)