Amerta Movement and Sumarah Meditation

celebration of flowering and celebration of stillness
a ha!

Michael Dick

The workshop in 2020 was canceled, because of the Pandemic. After 2018 and 2019, Michael Dick now will be coming again to Haarlem, near Amsterdam.
We would like to invite you to t his workshop combination of Sumarah Meditation and Amerta Movement.
The two sessions of Sumarah Meditation traditionally are offered for free.
Open to everyone, participation is independent of the Amerta Movement course! We’d love to welcome you to this.
The contribution of €15 is to share into the organisational cost (room rent etc.) and into Michael 's cost of accommodation, travel and living expenses during his time in Haarlem.

Sumarah practice is based on developing sensitivity and acceptance through deep relaxation of body, feelings and mind. Its aim is to create inside our self the inner space and the silence necessary for the true self to manifest and to speak to us. The word Sumarah means total surrender, a confident and conscious surrender of the partial ego to the universal self. The total surrender is to Life. sumarah.net

Amerta Movement is a profound, transformative free movement practice. Suprapto Suryodarmo, the founder of Amerta, who did pass away on 29th of december 2019, wrote in his workshop advertising: The main intention of Joged Amerta movement is to develop a way to lessen the sense of identification through the practice of movement.
related to Prapto concept of the GARDEN constitued by:
nature human and tempel realms:
we will celebrate a healing, enlivening sensual flow in our circular mobility as a „within the living organism of the garden And we will explore movement as one possible „mouth of the speaking being“ we are.
And we happily will celebrate a stillness arising within us and everywhere as the realm of the temple; potentially being embodied as the „empty axis empty space“ of our moving being. This can feel like our final home, the natural place we long for. And will feel like a most intimate self support and existential value `a priori`.
A ha! signifies the moment of realizing, of a moment of enlightenment light coming to the place, where before was darkness. „ wish to celebrate this human potential in together becoming a fountain of wisdom „slowly slowly“.
In practical: When and where to stop and how to decide which direction to choose at the crossroads of our life? How to deal with the overload many of us do experience in present time? But also: Who do we think we are that we sometimes believe to know better than what reality is presenting to us? We will try to find what in Indonesian language is called cocok what feels right and is fitting. (in german: sich stimmig anfühlt)

Michael Dick

Back ground
Movement practice in continuous studies for more then 35 years with the late
Suprapto Suryodarmo
Amerta Movement Practitioner, appointed Pribadi Art teacher and dialoguer in ’BeWegen www.schule-der-bewegung.net
Practitioner and guide for Sumarah Meditation;
„practising guidance“ with Laura Romano

Professional life of an actor, director and performance artist, as well as being lecturer of
„elementary teaching and practice for performing arts.
www.paersche.org www.schauspielschule-koeln.de
Longterm student of the Ridhwan School and its Diamond Approach.