Ezio Tangini 7The work investigates the nature of the stage action as a condition of its determination and manifestation.
Matter and time are the fundamentals.
It involves an exercise of the state of the body focused on the exhalation, to allow to develop a state of widespread occurrence, organic, non-hierarchical.
Breathing and relaxation are the basis of internal awareness of the performative action.
The breathing technique is the foundation of the performative application and determines it.
The workshop is addressed to everybody.

Ezio Tangini:
Born in Urbania (Urbino). Lives between Torre del Lago – Viareggio and Rome.
Educated in Foreign Literatures at the University La Sapienza of Rome. Studies and practice of contemporary dance.
Contemporary dance laboratory of Alessandra Sini. Discovers Butoh with Masaki Iwana.
Masaki Iwana’s workshops in Normandy, Rome, Polverigi.
Several workshops with other Buto dancers like Silvia Rampelli, Ko Murobushi, Akira Kasai, Mika Takeuchi, Yumiko Yoshioka.
Co-founder of the dance company In Between Butoh.

For more info on my work you can visit the web site www.inbetweenbutoh.com

Practical information:
The first part (body work) is a preparatory work for the dance; it consists of exercises and techniques aimed at enhancing the body's flexibility.
The second part consists of dance proposals.

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